Chinese Losses On Us Treasuries Can Be Serious

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I just realized -- He Kexin didn't perform on discos. She did fine yesterday in podium training. Maybe she's sick? Maybe she was injured in training gym? Allow speculation set forth!

When a lay-off at age 53 threatened his retirement strategy, a Washington State man, Bob Roland, got his certificate for teaching English to students of other languages (TESOL), anf the and his wife, Eileen Dunn, chosen casino in seoul in 2006 attempt a temporary assignment teaching English for your public school system.

Rhythmic gymnastics kicks off its slate for the London Games, with Russia's Evgeniya Kanaeva looking to win her second straight all-around Olympic silver precious metal. On the group side of things, Italy has won the past three world titles, but has never won Olympic gold within group all-around.

Dmitrijs Trefilovs, PH: No break between rotations ideal.a few awkward moments, a small amount of form, but he doesn't come apart from. Very weak dismount, however. 14.766.

Yang Hak Seon, VT: Did a handspring front and got lost your market air, Feet hit the bottom and he rolled out immediately. He's OK, but kind of snapped his head back on the roll. Holding his head, the back of it, with his hand, maybe feeling a little whiplash or less. But does his second vault: A handspring front 1 . 5.5. Wow. 14.033.

They live well in Korea. Have got friends and also an active part their own community. And here's a serendipity when i wouldn't have imagined; More vacation any time. "We live off of Bob's check, and we travel from Bob's check," said Dunn, "and we go pretty much. We've traveled all over South Korea, we've gone to North Korea, Africa, Malaysia, Brunei, Guam, and we have been to Japan twice.

Anna Dementyeva, BB: The photographers typical placed and ready for a. They know a photogenic gymnast when they see single. Roll on fix. Illusion, good. Switch ring, provides fight to keep on. It didn't is she was all that off, but hey.Onodi to sheep, fancy. Front aerial, switch, a little choppy. Great roundoff, layout to two feet. Leaps. Side aerial. Roundoff, bhs, triple full! Really 2 7/8 around, but not bad. Took a get on the landing, but significantly better than in podium training.